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What We Do

Combining a wealth of experience with a global network, the Proxenos team is Customer focused; able to quickly absorb and synthesize projects anywhere in the world and guide them to success. With a full spectrum of advisory capabilities, the Proxenos team is proud to profile the following range of our work:


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Case Study | Proxenos' in-house data analytics developed a proprietary program to conduct tailored inquiries as a means of providing unique data intelligence and analytics. Working at the state level with the Secretary of State in the southern U.S., our team applied the tool to Twitter accounts, along with regional and bordering states, and those accounts from states where the population was largely of opposite Party affiliation. The inquiry examined behaviors and communications of officials leading up to elections, establishing trends that provide prescient electoral insight not otherwise discernible without expensive, inaccessible, and complicated analytics services. Our programming code works by automatically copying posted text for transfer into a data library. From there, the data library is able to be parsed by date or other categorical filters as desired. This process is affordable, easily taught, and inquiries are highly tailored.

Strategic Communications

For every objective there is a corresponding story that needs to be told through the development and implementation of effective strategies to expand messaging by:

  • Identifying Target Audiences

  • Developing Effective Messaging

  • Disseminating an Engaging Message

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Proxenos | Style


Case Study | A foreign embassy in Washington, D.C., worked closely with Proxenos to identify Members of Congress most serving of their country's efforts on Capitol Hill.  Our analysts identified population centers in the U.S. with strong economic and cultural heritage ties to their country, producing daily reports comprised of a variety of sources and data to enhance the Ambassador's understanding of American's motivations and interests of the day.  We recommended daily dynamic content to produce unprecedented levels of engagement across social media and favorable coverage in the press.  Legislative recommendations were provided detailing the importance of an active, systematic presence on the Hill, either through regular meetings with staff or the voice of those American citizens with ties to the Ambassador's country. Ultimately, Proxenos' strategy added six new Members to the country's caucus, initiated a CODEL visit, implemented an empirically established impactful communications plan, and continues its work organizing progress on passing a recognition resolution, as well as significant revision to an archaic tax amendment no longer service of the world's current geopolitical reality.  

Public Diplomacy & Government Affairs

Providing a strong voice for clients to key decision makers in the United States at the local, state, and federal level on behalf of:

  • International Governments and Political Parties

  • U.S. and International Corporations

  • Private Citizens 

  • Military to Military Cooperation

  • Political Campaigns

Case Studies​ | Infrastructure & Energy 


Strategic Ports: Aligned with U.S. national security policy, European energy diversification goals, and global connectivity, Proxenos was the American lead to acquire and develop the Port of Alexandroupolis. Through developing relationships with key American, Greek, and global stake holders, Proxenos facilitated Port connectivity to international transportation and energy infrastructure networks. In an effort to alleviate supply chain disruptions through creating new and exciting trade routes, while simultaneous promoting NATO collective security in a material way, this strategic asset rose from an out of service, provincial terminal to become a future global hub for energy development and a critical regional trade node. 

Solar Energy: Given global imperatives for reducing carbon emissions, Proxenos is dedicated to ensuring responsible energy stewardship. This approach grounded our efforts working to combine 600MW renewable energy with cryptocurrency mining to offset the carbon footprint of mining.  Working closely with both national and local utilities to identify optimal power delivery and transmission while developing appropriate real estate zoning, economic impact studies, and tax implications, as well as creating political alignments specific to minimizing barriers to project development.

Offshore Wind: The Eastern Mediterranean is home to some of the best rated offshore wind in the world. Proxenos is pleased to be developing a 200-300MW offshore wind farm which will provide clean energy and desperately needed power for a population currently in distress.


Read more about our ID services here.  

Business &

Infrastructure Development

Proxenos is currently working on a number of ID projects, finding highest successes in:

  • Transportation Network Integration, Optimization, Expansion - Ports, Rail, and Roads

  • Global Logistics, Regulatory Coordination

  • Supply Chain Management 

  • Healthcare Construction

  • ​Project Finance, Acquisitions 

  • Renewable Energy Development - Solar and Wind assets

Our international affairs portfolio includes an extensive range of import/export matters, including a boutique commodities brokerage that addresses clients’ unique procurement needs.  The Proxenos trade group is experienced in negotiating favorable terms and achieving a consensus among parties to steward transactions from conception to completion, for both spot and term deals.


Case Study​ | In an effort to aid pandemic COVID-19 vaccine distribution to underserved populations, Proxenos coordinated with an African supra-national organization to create clear pathways for officials and manufacturers as a means of facilitating equitable access.  Our contacts across the four corners of the globe made it easy to secure reduced rates for shipping, especially as increased COVID-19 vaccine access to the global south is a key global priority. 

International Trade

Agricultural products, energy commodities, and chemicals are just a few of the focuses of transactions we work to facilitate around the clock. Our team knows the importance of: 

  • Balancing Delicate Positioning

  • Negotiating the Most Favorable Terms

  • Navigating Nuances of Various Exchanges

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