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At the crossroads of regulation and real results.


Proxenos-ID is a global business and infrastructure development arm focused on creating value for Consumers, supply chain solutions, and optimization for energy, manufacturing, and infrastructure projects.  


Working amongst strategic partners, our team connects people and creates solutions, enabling focus to create value for our Customers and helping them navigate the increasingly complicated world of Global Business and Infrastructure Development (ID). The Proxenos team has the expertise and global experience, through large-scale project leadership with the core knowledge it take to drive ideas from concept to success.


A few of our specific ID specialities include: 


  • Extensive relations with the seven major North American Class 1 Railroads.

  • Cutting edge experience with the 550 North American Short Line Railroads, including shepherding ID policy creation and regulatory overhauls designed and executed to increase industry productivity.

  • Increasing acitivty and operating experience with railroads, ports, terminals, SIT Yards, short-haul trucking, and international logistics-supply chain management. 

  • International Business expansion-integration | Integrally supported by significant relationships in Mexico, Canada, Australia, Greece, and countries throughout the Middle East.

  • Value creation for Customers across the supply chain | From the mine, to store delivery, and every point between.

  • An unwavering focus on growth and long-term sustainability. 

Proxenos' reputation centers around our proprietary approaches of developing unique business plans tailored to each Customer and their standalone ID needs. ​

  • Working hand-in-hand with communities, customers, Congressmen, and the chiefs of commerce behind the demand for an optimal infrastructure network to support business development, Proxenos understands the importance of integration and optimization, bringing vital support to expand traditional industries and providing plans for solvency at terminals, ports and, SIT Yards around the world. 

  • Constructive or otherwise, Proxenos recognizes relationships as the crucial focal points that they are, particularly in the ID space.  Fostering connections with parties to facilitate reciprocal cooperation and maximize potential outcomes for everyone involved, we are versed in the creation of options for Customers to incentivize involvement in any number of commercial enterprises. Proxenos works from the ground up with engineers and developers to innovate new industry equipment that better serves the evolving needs of Customers, especially as technology continues to rapidly shift priorities and Consumers' demands. 

  • With a wealth of experiences, our team has the insight and analytical capacities to determine future paths, including successes in creating commitments to reduce carbon emissions with industries traditionally disinterested in preserving resources and cleaning the environment.  

Second to none, our priorities are in connecting with Customers and securing their long-term commitments. 

  • At the heart of every business is the Customer.

    Be they our clients or those clients' target markets, our team understands the assignment when it comes to capture in the most competitive of ID spaces.  All of our efforts are concentrated on creating daily value to connect our Customers to Consumers, involving government actors or restructuring regulations along the way as objectives prescribe.


  • In our increasingly interconnected global economy, international diplomacy is inextricably linked with large-scale ID. 

    This is why we make it a priority to understand and support emerging markets that continue their commitments to providing economic opportunities, bringing wealth and value to people across the globe.​

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