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Individual citizens of one city-state were often appointed or awarded the honorific title of 'Proxenos' by a neighboring or distant city-state, responsible for promoting and facilitating interaction between communities, using their influence and networks to promote the ideas, objectives, and policies of their adopted community. 

Prior to its consolidation under the Roman Empire, the ancient Mediterranean world comprised one of the most fragmented state systems in recorded history. As a result, Athenians created a highly developed form of public diplomacy - or 'proxeny' - which enabled individual cities to maintain diffuse networks, connecting them around the world.  

The ancient principles of proxeny are at the core of our modern results: delivering public diplomacy, redefining policy, capturing effective engagement strategies, and executing programming to help our clients achieve extraordinary things.

Proxenos International is a full-service government affairs, public diplomacy, and global development firm specializing in helping our clients navigate complex political and industry landscapes through customized, creative, and effective strategies designed to resolve issues and deliver results.

Working closely with our clients to define goals, craft compelling narratives, organize and implement successful programming, and develop projects to address policy challenges, our experience and relationships provide us an unparalleled position to succeed.

As advisors and advocates with extensive technical experience in the industries we serve, we educate and empower officials with the facts, perspectives, and strategies to better inform decisions that advance project goals and protect client interests. The Proxenos Team is experienced and versatile, readily adaptable to both national and international dynamics, regardless of the contemporary political environment or budgetary circumstances of the day.

We're in the business of government and development, we know who makes them work, and, more importantly, we know how to make them work on behalf of our clients. 

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